Chamber Committees

Finance Committee

Chairperson:Janice Webb, Civic Member

Business Advocacy Committee

The (BAC) is established by the Board of Directors as the major component of a legislative and advocacy program.
The purpose of the BAC is to study, analyze, and formulate positions on legislative and regulatory issues of interest to Chamber members and the business community in general.
The Committee identifies and studies legislative and regulatory trends which may affect the business community in the future. They work with legislators and government entities to initiate policy and legislation which may benefit the Chamber membership.
The (BAC) is formed to facilitate timely decisions on critical issues and proactive advocacy on issues important to the Chamber.

Chairperson:Dave Lowe, Establishment

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee works to promote and enhance the image and visibility of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce.
Provides marketing, publicity, publications and electronic information for chamber programs.
Assists Chamber staff with communications and public relations functions: campaigns, catalogs, brochures, web site, press releases and media coverage of programs and events.

Chairperson:Kathleen Knoll, Uncorked/ The Deck

Membership/Ambassador Committee

Chamber Ambassadors are exactly what the term implies. They help members in fully realizing the benefits of their membership. At the same time, Ambassadors also serve as a conduit for information back to the Chamber officers and staff, helping the chamber to gain a better understanding of its members’ needs and how best to meet those needs.
The focus of our Ambassador Committee is to welcome new members and help them meet longtime members, bringing all members together to promote business-to-business relationships.

Chairperson:Michael Goergen, Law Offices of M. Goergen

Business Improvement Division Committee

The Business Improvement Division works to promote commerce in Hermosa Beach. Areas of involvement include special events to attract business to Hermosa Beach, initiatives aimed to improve the appearance of areas of commerce in the city and programs designed to promote shopping, dining and lodging in Hermosa Beach.

Chairperson:Ron Newman, Baja Skarkeez

Are you looking for a way to get involved around Hermosa Beach?
Contact the chamber at (310) 376-0951 to learn how.

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