in Hermosa Beach

The dining scene in Hermosa Beach has taken off in recent years with dozens of new restaurants and bars opening up in our beautiful beachside community.

Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, sushi, seafood, tapas or fresh California Cuisine, Hermosa Beach has something to offer for just about any taste.

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Small dishes

0 1301 Manhattan Avenue
" (310) 798-8227
/ www.abigailerestaurant.com


Home-style Mexican
Seafood, beef & premium wines

0 39 Pier Avenue
" (310) 503-7722
/ www.palmillarestaurant.com



0 73 Pier Avenue
" (310) 318-2666 CAFE
/ www.themedhb.com

Gum Tree

Outdoor Cafe
Appetizers & Salads

0 238 Pier Avenue
" (310) 376-8733 CAFE
/ www.gumtreela.com


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