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Boards Across Hermosa

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Rock, Roll & Rebel with….

....(Skate)Boards Across Hermosa, a city-wide art installation that pays tribute to Hermosa’s unique history is currently on display in Hermosa Beach businesses through St. Patrick’s Day. Using skateboards as the canvas, 83 artists have created 92 pieces of art. The skate art is up for auction with sales benefitting Indivisible Arts, a Hermosa non-profit a South Bay 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to cultivating creativity, consciousness, and connection through the arts. The exhibit and auction comes to a close on March 18 at Indivisible Art’s State of the Art fundraising gala.

Artists range from professionals whose works sell for tens of thousands of dollars to Hermosa Valley and View art students just discovering their talent.

Skateboards have a meaningful history in Hermosa Beach. Skateboarding Hall of Fame icons, manufacturers and innovators all started their careers here in Hermosa Beach, and in 1963, the first skateboarding competition was held at Hermosa’s Pier Avenue School (now the Hermosa Beach Community Center). Academy Award nominated Skaterdater (1966), the first skateboarding film ever made and nationally distributed by United Artists, was shot entirely in the South Bay. Today, skateboarding is a preferred mode of transportation in Hermosa, with skaters a constant sight in the street, the Strand, and parking structures throughout Hermosa.

The exhibit’s theme “Rock, Roll, Rebel: Hermosa Beach” is a tribute to Hermosa’s history of cultivating different approaches to music, art, literature, sport, and lifestyle. Among the skate art, boards reflect Hermosa’s punk legends Black Flagg, The Circle Jerks, and Pennywise, jazz musicians at The Lighthouse Café, roller skaters that went afoul of the city police from time to time, the Hell’s Angels that made Pier Avenue their headquarters, as well as legends like Jim Morrison who is said to stop at Mickey’s Deli to grab a sandwich from time to time. Other boards reflect Hermosans chill approach to life, surf, and the beach we call home.

Go see the skate art at businesses below!

Paired Businesses and Artists

Business Name (alpha) Artist Name
Art Zone
Ella Goeldner (child)
Baja Sharkeez Rob Graves
Baker, Burton & Lundy Dan Wonderly
Beach Beauty
Chelsea Stambler
Beach Bound Sports
Angelique Thermes Martin
Beck & Brix
Antoinette Bristol
Becker Celeste Munoz
Becker Josh Barnes
Becker Milena López
Rachel Cudmore
Blue Rose Lynnae Talavera
Bottle Inn Brent Broza
Bow Wow Boutique Sara Reedy
Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce Eva Asiddao
Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce Lui Amador
Coastal Lane Nail Bar Alicia Clapper
Cultured Slice Sandwich Shop Dee Dee Harker
curious... Jessy Mc
Decadence Jennifer Sayre
Details Anjalé Perrault
El Tarasco Isabel Aguirre
ET Surfboards Chip Herwegh
Fantasy Nails Beth Bowen
Floyd's 99 Barbershop David Nelson
Flying Sirens Jayime Jean
Fox & Farrow Emily Tanaka
Fritto Misto Michele Goffeau
Froggies for Fun
Monroe "Mo" Johnson (age 7)
Fundamental Coast Amy Keller
Gitana Coffee Kristen Sanzari
Granny's Grocery
Beth "Betty" Gregorian
Green Store Cole Vernon
Guisado's Liz Lopez
Gum Tree Cafe & Shop Marie Recine
H2O Hotel Art of Chase
Rafael McMaster
Hb Historical Society
Chelsea Stambler - second board
Hermosa Brewing Company
Theodore Polizzzi
Hermosa Pie & Cake
Don "Dos Tres" Scott
Hermosa Saloon Cole Vernon
Jack's Surfboards Adam Wagner
Nichole Blackburn
Jessica Rose Victoria White
Jol Designs
Emma Goeldner - mirror Hermosa
Jamie Lee Marvin
Lucky 7 Coffee Stacia Costa
Marlin Equity Partners Ava Fielder
Marlin Equity Partners
Bella Wynne - Rockin' Hermosa Beach
Marlin Equity Partners
Grayson Roberts - Skull Bomb
Marlin Equity Partners
Julia Keaney - DeathFloss
Marlin Equity Partners
Malia Miller - Deadly Beauty
Marlin Equity Partners
Millie McCartney
Marlin Equity Partners
Sadie Alexander - Rock n Skull Hermosa
Marlin Equity Partners
Stacey Ripley, Hermosa Valley Art Teacher
Marlin Equity Partners Timmy Brennan
Marlin Equity Partners
Trever Huo - Hermosa Pier Rock n Roll
Marlin Equity Partners Violette Alshin
Martha's Josh Barnes
Maximus Salon Riley Roberts
Mickey's Deli Kevin Daly
Mike's Guitar Parlor Armelle Ngo
Miss Bee's
Leo Bradley (age 9)
Mobi Scooters Gus Songg
Francziska Steagall - Toro Toro Taxi
Paradise Bowls Erin VanSloten
Patrick Malloy's Elle Starlight
Pedone's Alex Hixson
Pier Medical Aesthetics
Catherine Schlatter
Playa Hermosa
John Vandeneykel
Powers Realty Emma Goeldner
Practical Magic Apothecary Danette Mitchell
Red & Louie's Wendy Stillman
Resin Victoria White
Rok Sushi Luke Osterkamp
Sea Sprite Hotel Kerry Stitt
Seymour Jewelers Katy Jenssen
Soho Yoga Jamison Wallis
Sol Baby Keith Brinker
Francziska Steagall
Spyder PCH Joanna Garel
Stretch Spot
Ashley Huebner (Mom/Contact Leanne)
Sugar Dayne Audrey Gilmore
The Bike Shop Adam Wagner
The Lighthouse Cafe
Francziska Steagall - Lighthouse
The Source Cafe
Marie Recine - Bonus Blue Board
Tower 12 Jane Miho
Uncorked Nicole Sherman
Undergound Pub & Grill Peter Marquis
West Coast Sweat
Tiffany "Wink" Barber
Wicked+ General Store Kevin Smigel
Hanni Schmieder
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