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COVID Requirements as of June 17, 2021

All businesses must now display this or similar signage at all entry points.

No More Masks at Work for Californians

Cal/OSHA, which regulates workplace safety, passed new rules allowing vaccinated workers to stop wearing a mask at work, but unvaccinated workers will be required to wear them indoors.

Physical distancing will no longer be required, unless a workplace has a major outbreak of 20 cases or more.

Gov. Gavin Newsom sped up the usual implementation process with an executive order right after the board vote on Thursday. The new regulations will take effect when they are filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

The rules also require employers to verify the vaccination status of workers before allowing them to work mask-less, but employees will be allowed to simply “self-attest” that they are vaccinated.
There are some exemptions to the masking rule. Employees who can't wear face coverings due to medical conditions, mental health conditions or disabilities, or during tasks that cannot be performed while wearing a face covering would need to be tested for COVID-19 weekly during work hours at no cost to the employee.
Under the new Cal/OSHA rules:

  • Employers may allow vaccinated employees to work without face coverings indoors, but they must document workers’ vaccination status. Workers can either show written proof of vaccination, such as a CDC vaccine card, or “self-attest” that they are vaccinated without providing documentation. The employer is not required to maintain copies of workers vaccination cards.
  • Workers can decline to state if they’ve received the shots, but if they do they’ll be treated as unvaccinated.
  • Unvaccinated workers must wear masks indoors, unless they are alone in a room or vehicle. Employers must make the most effective masks, such as an N95, available for unvaccinated workers if they request them.
  • Employers must make coronavirus testing available to unvaccinated workers if they have symptoms.
  • Employees cannot face retaliation for wearing a mask.
  • The rules also outline the employer's responsibility if there is a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace:
  • No face coverings are required outdoors unless there is an outbreak at a workplace, meaning three or more cases.
  • If there is a COVID-19 outbreak, masks will be mandated for all workers indoors, and outdoors if six-foot physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  • No physical distancing or barriers between workers are required, regardless of employees’ vaccination status, although employers can re-evaluate the need if an outbreak occurs. If a major outbreak occurs, meaning 20 or more cases, physical distancing and barriers will be mandated.
  • Fully vaccinated workers with no COVID-19 symptoms do not need to be tested or quarantined after they are exposed to the virus.

These emergency rules are not permanent, and could be tossed out by the board at a later date. In the meantime, a subcommittee will continue working on revisions that include benchmarks for rolling them back completely. But if California experiences another surge, the board could institute stricter mask rules.

Under separate state health department orders, everyone at K-12 schools, and at homeless shelters, nursing homes, health facilities or on public transit, will need to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

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LIVE and Ambient Music

The information below was originally emailed April 28, 2021 to all Hermosa businesses.

  • The Chamber has created a Musician Directory for businesses to explore local talent. This directory is self-submitted and has been growing each day. Please check back often and encourage musicians you know to sign up to be listed. Please note, the directory is still in production so please be patient as we continue to tweak the design.
  • Music can be prerecorded ambient music or LIVE music.
  • Music is permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM through 9:00 PM.
  • Music is allowed on the business’ private property or abutting sidewalks/dining decks/Pier Plaza area with an encroachment permit. This program does not apply to public spaces outside approved encroachment permit areas.
  • Music is limited to a noise level that is needed for customers of the business to minimize sound spillover. Chamber members may request a local Hermosa sound engineer to visit their business and work with them to configure placement of speakers and talent to maximize the patron experience. Contact us!
  • Indoor LIVE music will also be allowed when LA County health orders allow it. Currently, LA County health orders do not allow live music indoors. When it is allowed, the Chamber will notify all Chamber members.
  • No permit is required for these music options during the temporary pilot program.
  • Businesses are asked to please coordinate LIVE music or share performers with neighboring outdoor dining patios in cases where patios are shared or adjacent. The success of this program will depend on this coordination. We cannot stress enough how critical this request is from the City. The Chamber is happy to assist businesses in coordinating with other businesses and talent.
  • All LIVE music must abide by current LA County health orders. The current health order for restaurants can be found here.
  • Indoor music will also be allowed when LA County health orders allow it with doors and windows open. Currently, LA County health orders do not allow LIVE indoor music.
  • During this temporary pilot program, businesses with Conditional Use Permits limiting music are not limited to CUP conditions, for example, that require doors/windows to be closed during performances.
  • This temporary pilot program will end when the City terminates the COVID-19 local emergency or the ordinance is terminated by the City Council.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a test program written with minimum restrictions in order to give businesses the flexibility to define what works. That said, a longer-term music plan is being written by the City and it's critical that we, the businesses, demonstrate not only that we can work together to minimize overlapping talent and sound, but also that we can deliver entertainment that our community craves and loves. Now is our time to shine! The Chamber is here to be your partner and help provide support to ensure we can develop the outdoor experience we're all craving.

Outdoor Decks

To help local businesses meet Public Health Orders for physical distancing the City of Hermosa Beach has established a program to allow the temporary expansion of restaurants, retail businesses, gyms and fitness facilities, and personal care establishments (should the Board of Cosmetology permit outdoor services) onto adjacent outdoor property or the public right-of-way. This may include the use of on-site parking, public sidewalks, Pier Plaza and some areas of street parking.

Outdoor Options for Dining and Retail Establishments

Interested businesses should review the program guidelines detailed in Hermosa Beach Executive Order 2020-05 and then contact the Community Development Department ( to discuss their proposal prior to submitting an application. Exhibit A of the Executive Order contains guidance on the design and operational standards required for dining sites, while Exhibit B contains guidance for outdoor retail displays.

Temporary Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit Application

Additional steps vary based on planned location of operations:

  • Outdoors on Private Property/Parking Lot - Allowed, Permit Required from Community Development Department
  • Outdoors on Sidewalks - Allowed, Permit Required from Public Works Department
  • Outdoors on Street - Allowed, Permit Required from Public Works Department and Traffic Engineer Review Required

Outdoor Options for Gyms and Fitness Establishments

Interested businesses should review the program guidelines detailed in Hermosa Beach Executive Order 2020-09. Exhibit A of the Executive Order contains guidance on the design and operational standards that must be met at all times to operate outdoors.

Additional steps vary based on planned location of operations:

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