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Conditional Use Permits

Most physical businesses in Hermosa have a Conditional Use Permit attached to the property (not the business). These are also known as CUPs. Every business opening in Hermosa Beach be sure to check their CUP before considering their operations or modifications to their business plan.

LIVE and Ambient Music

The information below was originally emailed April 28, 2021 to all Hermosa businesses. Although COVID ordinances have expired, the City continues to honor the outdoor music ordinance so long as it does not conflict with zoning code and regulations. A permanent outdoor dining music plan is coming soon from the City (in 2024).

  • The Chamber has created a Musician Directory for businesses to explore local talent. This directory is self-submitted and has been growing each day. Please check back often and encourage musicians you know to sign up to be listed. Please note, the directory is still in production so please be patient as we continue to tweak the design.
  • Music can be prerecorded ambient music or LIVE music.
  • Music is permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM through 9:00 PM.
  • Music is allowed on the business’ private property or abutting sidewalks/dining decks/Pier Plaza area with an encroachment permit. This program does not apply to public spaces outside approved encroachment permit areas.
  • Music is limited to a noise level that is needed for customers of the business to minimize sound spillover. Chamber members may request a local Hermosa sound engineer to visit their business and work with them to configure placement of speakers and talent to maximize the patron experience. Contact us!
  • Indoor LIVE music will also be allowed when LA County health orders allow it. Currently, LA County health orders do not allow live music indoors. When it is allowed, the Chamber will notify all Chamber members.
  • No permit is required for these music options during the temporary pilot program.
  • Businesses are asked to please coordinate LIVE music or share performers with neighboring outdoor dining patios in cases where patios are shared or adjacent. The success of this program will depend on this coordination. We cannot stress enough how critical this request is from the City. The Chamber is happy to assist businesses in coordinating with other businesses and talent.
  • All LIVE music must abide by current LA County health orders. The current health order for restaurants can be found here.
  • Indoor music will also be allowed when LA County health orders allow it with doors and windows open. Currently, LA County health orders do not allow LIVE indoor music.
  • During this temporary pilot program, businesses with Conditional Use Permits limiting music are not limited to CUP conditions, for example, that require doors/windows to be closed during performances.
  • This temporary pilot program will end when the City terminates the COVID-19 local emergency or the ordinance is terminated by the City Council.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a test program written with minimum restrictions in order to give businesses the flexibility to define what works. That said, a longer-term music plan is being written by the City and it's critical that we, the businesses, demonstrate not only that we can work together to minimize overlapping talent and sound, but also that we can deliver entertainment that our community craves and loves. Now is our time to shine! The Chamber is here to be your partner and help provide support to ensure we can develop the outdoor experience we're all craving.

Commercial Encroachments & Outdoor Decks

The City of Hermosa beach has moved into the phase of making outdoor dining a permanent opportunity in Hermosa. See below for information about encroachment—both outdoor dining and commercial establishments.

Off-street Commercial Encroachments

Commercial Encroachments

Please note: The permit applications for the Off-Street Commercial Encroachments are currently being updated. Once the revisions are complete, we will update our website.

Off-Street Commercial Encroachments – Business Holders with encroachments on Pier Plaza, sidewalk, and public right-of-way spaces adjacent to the business:

On-street Commercial Encroachments

On-Street Commercial Encroachments – Business holders with encroachment areas with Street Dining Decks occupying parking spaces or extending into the street.

Updated February 2024: The new on-street encroachment guidelines have been approved and the application can be found here. Note that all existing on-street dining decks need to re-apply within 90 days of February 27, 2024 in order to continue operations of their decks. Once you apply, the City has 90 days to approve but will actively attempt to approve all decks quickly so that businesses have the opportunity to make adjustments before summer.  

For more information on commercial encroachments, please contact the Public Works Department at or (310) 318-0214.

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