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Opening a Business in Hermosa?

If you're opening a business in Hermosa, congratulations! Choosing Hermosa is your first step, but there are many other resources and points of information to know before opening or even making your plans. Here are some tips:

  • We heavily recommend you immediately join the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce (us) because we can be an ally and resource through your whole process. Plus, we will help coordinate your ribbon cutting / grand opening. The Chamber represents ALL business types. Contact or visit to learn about membership. You do not need to be open yet nor be located in Hermosa beach nor have a physical location to join the Chamber.
  • The City of Hermosa beach has a wonderfully extensive business guide that is free and available here to download. This includes important information you might need to know that may or may not restrict or aid your business plans.
  • If you're currently looking for a location for your business, don't hesitate to contact us as we have resources and people to help with your research.
  • If you are opening physically in Hermosa Beach, you may need to review the Conditional Use Permit matrix provided by the City in order to ensure that your business type meets the expectations and zoning code of that space. You can visit our resources page here.
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