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Person of the Year

Kevin Sousa
Kevin Sousa

Kevin Sousa

The following is an excerpt from the posthumous nomination written about Kevin: 

Kevin Sousa was a tangible life force in Hermosa Beach. He touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with and people who knew Kevin remember him as a remarkably intelligent, passionate, caring and gifted human being. Kevin’s accomplishments are many and the impacts he made on those along the way are forever memorable. So much of his passion was demonstrated in how he gave back to the Hermosa Beach community.

Kevin has been referred to as a “Rock Star Therapist.” He led The Kevin Sousa Band as a singer songwriter with his music studio in Hermosa Beach. His band played all over the South Bay and gave much of his time and energy playing at community functions.

Kevin was the clinical director for the Jimmy Miller Foundation which provided Ocean Therapy for veterans and others experiencing PTSD related to trauma or mental illness. Kevin was also the clinical director for Miriam House, a sober living program for women and their children. At the time of his death, Kevin was a doctoral candidate and was certified as a psychedelic-assisted therapy provider through Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

Kevin was a community advocate involved in various school bond and city measures that improved the lives of students and residents.

1959 - current

A long standing Hermosa tradition, the Chamber has been recognizing extraordinary citizens in Hermosa for many decades. This award goes to residents who go above and beyond for their Hermosa community—a  Lifetime Achievement award. Someone who volunteers their time and talent to make the Hermosa Beach community an outstanding place to live, play and work. The following are the criteria:

  • Contributes significant time, energy and spirit in fields outside his or her professional life, without regard to personal gain.
  • Civic and community service goes beyond “normal” responsibilities.
  • Creates a lasting and beneficial impact for all Hermosa Beach residents.
  • Actively participates in service, community, church or other organizations.
  • Living, reside or have a business in the Hermosa Beach area and possess excellent personal character.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible. Job-related tasks or duties for which nominees are paid do not qualify.

Note: From 1959 to 2019, the community selected both a man and woman each year. In 2022 the tradition changed to a singular person.

1959 Alice Barnard (none honored)
1960 Mary Stonier Barney Lettenich
1961 Patricia A. Gazin James Boston
1962 Alice Barnard John T. Hales
1968 Katharine Bergstrom Tom Fredricks
1969 Mary Edgerton William Stidham
1970 Betty Ryan Jack C. Dunn
1971 Gerry Hudson Joe Noble
1972 Dee Strange Harry Smith
1973 Jane Turner Joe Diaz
1974 Mary Tyson Al Valdez
1975 Jacqueline Wofford Eric Rafter
1976 Edwina McKenzie Charles McCann
1977 Selma Zavislan Martin DeMott
1978 Evelyn Belasco Eugene Palmer
1979 (none honored) (none honored)
1980 Delma Perry George Schmeltzer
1981 Betty Evans James Fucile
1982 Violette Isgreen Mike Frandzel
1983 Wilma Burt Tony Molino
1984 Etta Simpson Grant Isgreen
1985 Rachel Wilkings Joe Cascio
1986 Anna Belchee Jack Wood
1987 Edie Webber John Haddon
1988 Leona Ayers John Workman
1990 Ellen Goetz Warren Barr, OD
1991 Catherine Murray Jerry Compton
1992 Marie Diaz Mick Felder
1993 Gloria Anderson Dallas Yost
1994 Leslie Newton Rick Learned
1995 Julie Feys Gary Wayland
1996 Missy Sheldon Chuck Sheldon
1997 Thelma Greenwald Richard Greenwald
1998 Cathy McCurdy Paul Amarillas
1999 Jean Lombardo Dave Garrett
2000 Yvonne Amarillas Richard McCurdy
2001 Eleanor Lynn Earl Feys
2002 Kathy Dunbabin Rick Hankus
2003 Elaine Doerfling Richard Koenig
2004 Susan Blaco Dean Nota
2005 Dorothy Yost Robert McEachen
2006 Jean Cuellen J.R. Reviczky
2007 Kelly Kovac-Reedy Michael Flaherty
2008 Barbara Clark J. Travers Devine
2009 Pat Love Peter Tucker
2010 Vicki Garcia Kenneth Hartley
2011 Corinne Ybarra Steve Collins
2012 Carol Tanner Sam Perrotti
2013 Joline Blais Ron Newman
2014 Janice Brittain Mike Lacey
2015 Alice Villalobos Lt. Tom Thompson
2016 Jackie Flaherty Ryan Nowicki
2017 Maureen Ferguson Lewis Peter Hoffman
2018 Adrienne Slaughter George Barks
2019 Merna Marshall John Horger
2022 Annie Seawright-Newton
2023 Rafael McMaster
2024 Kevin Sousa
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