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Hello Volunteer!

Thank you for your time and efforts to the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce. We are so excited for our 3rd annual Hermosa for the Holidays (Open House & Tree Lighting) event and we’re even more excited about your contributions to help make it run smoothly. Please review the information below, as well as peek at our official Holidays website.

If you have any questions regarding staffing and volunteering, please email Millie at

The Basics

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What: Hermosa for the Holidays

Where: Downtown Hermosa Beach (specifically Pier Avenue & Hermosa Avenue (between 10 & 14th Street) & Pier Plaza)

When: Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19 (All times and schedule below)

Why: To celebrate the holidays, put folks in the festive mood, and encourage supporting local business!

How: Thanks to all the time and effort put by the Chamber, staff, and volunteers!

Event Layout & Schedule

Below you’ll see the layout for Hermosa for the Holidays this year. It’s important you know where everything is so you know where you'll be working. All volunteers and staff will be checking in at the Chamber of Commerce located on 120 Pier Avenue (see Volunteer Check-In for more information).


Saturday, November 18

  • 10am-1pm | Live Music @ Javaman
  • 10am-4pm | Shopping & Pop-up Market @ Pier Ave
  • 10am-4pm | Letters for Santa @ Pier Plaza (Loreto Plaza)
  • 10am-4pm | Storytime Tent @ Pier Ave + Monterey (Casket Parking Lot)
  • 12pm-9pm | Carnival @ Pier Plaza
  • 3pm-7pm | Kids' Creation Market @ Greenbelt near Pier Ave.
  • 4pm-6pm | Live Music @ Greenbelt near Pier Ave.
  • 6pm-9pm | Rock for Tots @ Pier Plaza
  • Elf on a Shelf Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, November 19

  • 10am-8pm | Carnival @ Pier Plaza
  • 10am-5pm | Carnival @ Hermosa Ave
  • 10am-5pm | Shopping & Pop-Up Market @ Upper Pier, Pier Ave & Hermosa Ave from 10th to 14th St
  • 10am-4pm | Live Music @ Hermosa Ave & 14th Ct.
  • 10am-4pm | Santa's Workshop Tent @ Pier Ave + Monterey (Caskey Parking Lot)
  • 10am-4pm | Photos with Santa @ Pier Plaza (Loreto Plaza)
  • 12pm | Wreath Making Workshop w/ Anthony Morrison @ 257 Pier Ave
  • 1pm-6pm | Giving Village @ Pier Plaza
  • 2pm | Wreath Making Workshop w/ Anthony Morrison @ 257 Pier Ave
  • 3:30pm-8pm | Tree Lighting Concert & Ceremony @ Pier Plaza
  • Elf on a Shelf Scavenger Hunt
  • 3:30-4:45pm - Coast Music
  • 5:00-5:20pm - Ruby & the Thorns
  • 5:30-6:00pm - Scream Revolution
  • 6:00-6:30pm - Tree Lighting Ceremony with Chamber, City Dignitaries AND Santa
  • 6:30-8:00pm - The House Band (South Bay Music Connection band)

Shift Point of Contact

If you have questions for your shift day-of, please contact the appropriate person below (i.e. Carnival Ticket Booth volunteer contact Ana, Floaters contact Kim, anything else contact Millie). When in doubt, go to the Chamber of Commerce (120 Pier Avenue) for questions on what to do/how to help.

If you don't remember your shift time, please contact Millie at

Carnival Manager

Ana Gallo

(213) 909-4071

Dir of Operations

Millie Martinez Stordeur

(818) 427-3527

Event Coordinator

Kim Ruggles

(310) 529-4258

Code of Conduct

  • Be flexible. Please understand that we may change your volunteer role depending on the needs of the event. This is simply to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Be patient. If you need help, ask. We're here to help! The managers and Chamber staff are there to take on the burden of any issues.
  • Have fun!

Getting to Hermosa for the Holidays


  • Dress comfortably (i.e. sneakers, gym shorts, leggings) & warm! It will be cold at night.
  • Dress festive!
  • Volunteer t-shirt (pick-up during check-in)
  • Please do not bring valuables. If you need to drop off your things, you can do so at the Chamber of Commerce at 120 Pier Avenue but we will not be held responsible for any missing items as there will be a lot of people coming in and out of the Chamber.


If you live in the area, we highly encourage walking or biking. Otherwise, we recommend ride sharing services like Uber & Lyft. If you need to drive and park your car, there are parking options listed below:

  • Lot A (110 Hermosa Ave), Lot B (59 13th Ct), Lot C (1301 Hermosa Ave)
    • 3-hour parking
    • Rate: $2.50/hr
  • Upper Pier
    • 2 & 3-hour parking
    • Rate: $2/hr
  • City Hall Parking Lot (1315 Valley Dr)
    • FREE
  • Hermosa Greenbelt/Clark Building Parking
    • FREE
  • Community Center Parking Lot (710 Pier Avenue)
    • FREE

Volunteer Check-In

ALL VOLUNTEERS (including Hermosa Hermanos, Amigos Unidos & un-assigned floaters) are to check-in at the Chamber of Commerce on 120 Pier Avenue about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their first shift. From there, you'll receive your volunteer t-shirt*, a name badge and further instruction on where to go. Generally, you'll be directed to the section you're scheduled to work. This way, we can confirm who showed up for their shift. If you are working multiple shifts throughout the weekend, it is not required for you to check-in every time (other than your first shift).

*Yes, you can pick up your volunteer t-shirt on Friday, November 17 at the Chamber (120 Pier Avenue), but you are still required to check-in for your first shift. We will notify you via email once the t-shirts are available.

Thank you and let's have fun! 🙂

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