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Hermosa Beach

Featured as one of the Top 10 Beaches on the Travel Channel, Hermosa Beach is the little gem by the sea with something for everyone where the surf, sand and palms welcome visitors and residents year-round. This intimate sun-drenched beachside village combines a spectacular coastline, wide sandy beach, a century-old rich history, specialty shops and restaurants and lively festivals - long a favorite with Californians.



About the Chamber

The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau in unlike any other Chamber. Coming out of the pandemic, our member base is quickly growing because we actively promote, support, and advocate for our business community. Hermosa's unique makeup of mostly small business puts our focus on building community and giving a voice to every member—large and small. We provide resources, events, and tools to help our members succeed.


“The Chamber’s amazing work with our downtown business district is one of the things that makes Hermosa Beach such a wonderful place to live, shop and work.”

  • Dave Caskey, Caskey Real Estate Group

“Jessica and the HB Chamber’s creativity, vision, and unrelenting effort makes me proud to partner alongside them for years to come.  Indivisible Arts and Resin have seen a meaningful growth in our local support and audience since we began partnering with the Chamber over the last 3 years…”

  • Rafael McMaster, Founder, Indivisible Arts and Person of the Year 2023

“The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce is on a good course of business that has changed the way the community has gotten behind and on board with. I appreciate the opportunities that has come from being a member.  We have gained new clients that the Hermosa Beach Chamber has referred to us! We have a good working relationship with Jessica and her staff. I am thankful that Jessica has placed her trust in us for the City’s Security needs!!”

  • Cedric, EB Protection Agency

“I was never a fan of the old chamber, to me it was like transit bus!….Always the same speed always the same stops! But This Chamber is Active, Inspiring and Relevant! Like any great company that  grows leaps and bounds, in a short time, this Chamber isn’t afraid of mixing it up and trying something new or take a stand for something that matters….then quickly learn from that and  take it to another level! Brilliant!”

  • Ed Hart, Maximus Salon

“The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce stands out as an incredible pillar of support for local businesses and a true champion of community collaboration in Hermosa Beach. Their dedication to their membership and the broader community is genuinely commendable. They tirelessly go the extra mile, forming partnerships with organizations like Local Anchor, resulting in mutual benefits that extend beyond their individual entities and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Their active involvement in organizing community events, maintaining a strong online presence through social media, and their engagement in community Facebook groups like the Hermosa Forum and South Bay Parents demonstrate their commitment to fostering local business growth and community unity. What's most impressive is how this relatively small team accomplishes so much, making the Hermosa Chamber of Commerce an indispensable asset to the South Bay area. We wholeheartedly recommend local businesses to become part of this chamber, not only to support their own business but also to actively engage in this vibrant business community.”

  • Laura Stotland, Founder, Local Anchor

“The Hermosa Chamber is pretty unique with its combined role as the visitors bureaux and with that the key events it stages that have real economic benefit bringing thousands of visitors to the City.  My business had provided ancillary services for some of these events and I see the huge effort and energy that goes into making them successful.  Relationships I have established over time through my Chamber membership have created many opportunities for my business that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

  • James Frost, MinuteMan Press Redondo Beach

“First off I’m completely blown away at how involved the Chamber of this City is with its neighbors and businesses. I love that I know I can contact Jessica or anyone in the chamber to discuss how events can be beneficial for businesses or what support we need.”

  • Rosalinda, West Coast Sweat

“For the first time in the (over) 20 years that I have lived in Hermosa Beach, the chamber has demonstrably become a forward facing, progressively thinking, inclusive organization that has ushered in a new era of leadership and pride in our local business community. I attribute 100 percent of this growth to recent leadership changes and am one of the 200+ business owners who have become involved with the chamber as a direct result of this change and growth.” 

  • Dr. Michael Collins, psychologist and owner of ShockBoxx Gallery.

“I've been involved with the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce since 1998. I was a member of the executive board of directors for many years and held positions on the general board of directors for many, many more. Over the past 5 years the HBCC has become the best version of the organization I've ever been a part of and it is now an enormous asset to our businesses year round.  I will say vehemently that Jessica Accamondo is the best Chamber President and Director we have had in the 25 years that we've been chamber members. We are lucky and grateful to have her. “

  • Dickie O'Reilly, Spyder Surf Shops

“The Chamber of Commerce has become a valuable partner keeping Hermosa Beach safe. The Hermosa Beach Police Department’s mission statement includes “partnerships” which is reflected in the collaboration seen with the Chamber of Commerce, its members and leadership.”

  • Chief Paul LeBaron, Chief of Police, HBPD

“Living in dozens of cities across the U.S. before finding my forever home in Hermosa Beach, it's with authority that I say I've never seen a Chamber of Commerce more involved and in touch with the city it serves. The success is due to Jessica Accamendo, whose energy, ideas, and ability to build relationships and execute strategies has elevated the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce into the center of Hermosa Beach activities for both the residents and businesses. I joined the Chamber and took a leadership role because of the Chamber's unique approach to creating interesting concepts that bring the residential and business community together. This harmony is truly what makes Hermosa live up to its name, "The  Best Little Beach City," and makes me proud to live here.”

  • Tara McNamara Stabile, resident and Economic Development Action Committee chair

“The Hermosa Beach chamber of Commerce has been re-managed for the better in the past few years. And was done in one of the most difficult times in recent history, and to consider is existence depends on people meeting , gathering, and networking. Great Job!”

  • Cary Bichelmeier, Bichelmeier Insurance

“The HB Chamber of Commerce has truly been an advocate for driving business and bringing positive & energetic events to the community. The Chamber thinks creatively with the entire community in mind. They are a great resource for business owners when navigating city initiatives. Their data driven approach has fostered a voice for all chamber members to have the opportunity to provide authentic feedback as it relates to city events like fiesta hermosa, locale 90254 & Hermosa for the Holidays. Time and time again, the Chamber has proven to have the best interest of both the residents and business owners. As a small business owner, I am grateful for all of their hard work & dedication, often going above their call of duty to make HB the best place to live, work and own a business.”

  • Fiona Fleming, Patrick Molloy’s

“We at Gum Tree are so grateful for the boundless energy of Jessica and the current chamber board.  Their willingness to try new things, and to truly listen to and support the business community, has made a huge difference.  We feel supported and valued, and look forward to more fresh ideas and collaboration.” 

  • Lori and Will Ford, Gum Tree Shop and Cafe

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