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July 1, 2021 (HERMOSA BEACH, Calif.) – The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is very excited to announce the return of Fiesta Hermosa for Labor Day weekend 2021. So please mark your calendars for September 4-6, 2021!

THE COVID PART (what and why it's different this time)

Before we share with you all of the exciting parts of the plan, we need to make sure that everyone understands the modifications that had to be made due to COVID restrictions because we are considered a “mega event” by the State of California. Because our attendance in past years has been so large (150k per weekend), the only way to safely produce Fiesta for this coming September was to provide a plan that controlled capacity. For this reason, some parts of Fiesta will be gated and ticketed and other parts had to be eliminated altogether due to the nature of crowding and location. We cannot restrict access to our businesses and we have to look out for the safety of our community. BUT, we assure you we have created a VERY cool and creative plan that not only serves our long-time Fiesta fans, but provides an affordable, ultra-fun experience for individuals and families, plus supports our local community. We will release all of the details of our COVID safety plan in the coming weeks. Please be patient and kind with us as many of these decisions have been hard for us to make and remember that that these decisions have been made for Labor Day 2021 only.


Now onto the fun parts…

Fiesta Hermosa de las Artes is a time-honored tradition in Hermosa that celebrates artists and beach culture. We are bringing back the celebration of Hermosa culture and its people, its talent, its art, its food, and its business. For this reason, we have named it FIESTA HERMOSA LOCALE.

Fiesta Hermosa Locale, in its modified footprint and smaller size, will be spread out further in the City and will largely focus on local food, local music, local artists, local breweries, and local business. While the Chamber would like to see a profitable event and is seeking partnerships, sponsors, and creative participants, our priority is on supporting our local businesses, economy, and community.

The Fiesta Hermosa Locale plan can be most easily described in 3 parts:

  • The Garden: Music, rides, food/drinks, and experiences (ticketed)
  • The Lawn: art and handmade goods (presented by the Hermosa Arts Group)
  • The Sidewalk: local business sales, food, and unique promotions (all of downtown)

Yes, we are ticketing a part of Fiesta this year, but we promise you the experience will be worth it and prices are crazy low (especially if you buy early). Please remember your support goes to fund all of the talent, vendors, and event production for this event as well as the Chamber of Commerce which is a nonprofit and has struggled without Fiesta for two years. Your ticket purchase is NOT a greedy profit but rather a small contribution to a local community organization that supports your local businesses.

There’s limited capacity so you can be sure you won’t be in a crowded scenario. No, we are not closing all the streets as usual. We’re only closing Hermosa Avenue between Zanes and Comedy and Magic Club and half of that will be for pedestrian traffic so people can safely walk without crowding.

In the Garden, we are featuring LOCAL FOOD, LOCAL BREWERIES, LOCAL MUSICIANS, amazing experience booths, family fun rides, and of course an amazing line up of KILLER BANDS. We’ll also have a small VIP area which we’ve never done before. You can come and go as much as you please. In fact, we want you to come and go because Hermosa businesses will be participating in Fiesta as well and you can go dine out on the dining decks, shop at the Fiesta sidewalk sales, or visit the Art Lawn presented by the Arts Group of Hermosa Beach on the community lawn.

Keep in mind, not all experiences are inside the ticketed area and we’ll show you that soon. And wait until you see the line up of businesses who are participating! Hermosa businesses are gathering together like never before and together we can make Fiesta Hermosa Locale a true community festival that is safe, fun, affordable, and Truly Hermosa.


On July 13, we will be producing a LIVE presentation to the community at 11am to give you a full tour of Fiesta Hermosa Locale and early bird ticket sales will immediately launch after that event. We will email you an invitation to that event.

But, to satisfy your curiosity until then, here are some exciting details…

  • The Garden will be open extended hours (Sat 12-10, Sun 12-10 and Mon 12-8).
  • We will have a virtual stream of the entire main stage in the Garden available as a ticket option and to participating businesses.
  • Want to learn about the history of Hermosa? We’ll have that happening inside the Garden as well.
  • Are you a local? We have a special treat planned for you!
  • Our streets will be lined with local businesses celebrating Fiesta and selling amazing local goods in front of their retail fronts.
  • Local artisans can apply to be a part of the Art Lawn (application coming soon)
  • Merch will be the best its ever been!
  • Ever tasted a Hermosa beer? This will be your chance!
  • Ever wondered what Hermosa looked like from up high in the sky? We’ll give you a chance to stop wondering and take a picture.
  • Bike down to the fun because we’ll have a bike valet again provided by the amazing Hermosa Cyclery.


Please help us spread the word about the changes (both the ones we were forced to make and the ones we enjoyed making). Forward this email to your friends and ask them to text FIESTA to 33777 to join this list.

We kindly ask you to please HOLD YOUR QUESTIONS regarding Fiesta until after our community presentation on July 13. We are working around the clock to make this event happen and some details are being held while we finalize plans. Responding to inquiries unfortunately takes time away from our limited staff.

But we do appreciate your support and thank you for being patient with us in this unique endeavor. We know we won’t make everyone happy, but we hope you give us a chance to try.

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