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Fiesta Staff & Volunteers

Thank you for your time and efforts to the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce. We are so excited for Fiesta Hermosa to be back and better than ever and we’re even more excited about your contributions to help make it run smoothly. Please review the information below, as well as peek at our official Fiesta Hermosa website.

If you have any questions regarding staffing and volunteering, please email Millie at

The Basics

Photo by JP Cordero
  • What: Fiesta Hermosa
  • Where: Downtown Hermosa, Pier Plaza, Upper Pier, Community Center lawn and parking lot
  • When: Saturday, May 28 - Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Why: because it’s a Hermosa Beach tradition, it’s a way for the community to gather, and we get to honor the people that who served in the U.S. military
  • How: sweat, tears, time, and effort

Fiesta Hermosa Map Layout

Below you’ll see the layout for Fiesta Hermosa this year. It’s important you know where everything is so you know where you'll be working. All volunteers and staff, except for Carnival volunteers and staff, will be checking in at the Chamber of Commerce located on 120 Pier Avenue (see Volunteer Check-In for more information).


Location & Directions

There are three areas of downtown Hermosa Beach that will have activities, as well as the Chamber of Commerce that will serve as a 'base camp.' :

* To get directions, click on the link above and add your starting point

Shift Schedule and Contacts

You can find the internal volunteer/staff schedule here. Please review the schedule and write your shift down on your calendar, phone, reminders, journal, planners, hand…wherever you need to remember the time and place of your shift. Your place is indicated by each tab: Garden, Food Fair, Maker's Mercado, Chamber, Carnival, and Beach Concert.

There is a dedicated manager for each section of Fiesta and based on which section you’re working, that manager will be your point of contact. See below for manager assignments and contact information.


Carnival Managers

Millie Martinez Stordeur


Solange Comer


Garden Managers

Ashley Tull


Ben Zachariah


Maker's Mercado Managers

Tonya Stenlake


Kim Ruggles



Food Fair Manager

Kim Ruggles


Chamber Manager

Jessica Accamando


Beach Concert Manager

Jessica Accamando


Getting to Fiesta


  • Dress comfortably (i.e. sneakers, gym shorts, leggings)
  • Volunteer t-shirt (pick-up during check-in)
  • Recommended: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Please do not bring valuables. If you need to drop off your things, you can do so at the Chamber of Commerce at 120 Pier Avenue but we will not be held responsible for any missing items as there will be a lot of people coming in and out of the Chamber.


Parking during Fiesta Hermosa is difficult, to say the least. We highly recommend you have someone drop you off, or find other modes of transportation like biking, walking, or Ubering. Should you need to park, you can find that information on our official Fiesta website.

Volunteer/Staff Check-In

All volunteers/staff (with the exception of Carnival volunteers/staff) are to check-in at the Chamber of Commerce on 120 Pier Avenue about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their shift. From there, you'll receive your volunteer t-shirt*, a wristband if you're working the Garden, a name badge and further instruction on where to go. Generally, you'll be directed to the section you're scheduled to work and guided to find the manager in charge. This way, we can confirm who showed up for their shift. If you are working multiple shifts throughout the weekend, it is not required for you to check-in every time (other than your first shift), but it's recommended so we can confirm who showed up.

*Yes, you can pick up your volunteer t-shirt on Friday, May 27 at the Chamber (120 Pier Avenue), but you are still required to check-in for your first shift.

Carnival volunteer and staff are to meet at the Carnival ticketing booth. You will receive your volunteer t-shirt there. See 'Locations & Directions' for further directions. You can also find the site map layouts below so you know exactly where the ticket booth is.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 5.10.27 PM
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 5.10.07 PM


If you are a no show or cancel within 48 hours for any reason other than sickness, we will kindly ask you to not volunteer again. We depend on you.

For event day purposes, please contact your manager (see contact information above) should you have delays with your arrival, questions, or concerns.

Thank you and let's have fun!


Photo by Flying Lion Photography
Photo by JP Cordero
Photo by Flying Lion Photography
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