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Hermosa Beach City Council


Presented by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

Moderated by: Jessica Accamando, President/CEO

ROUND ONE: YES/NO questions

  1. Are you, your business, or your employer a member of the Chamber of Commerce?
  2. Do you support Measure B, the sales tax increase to 10.25%?
  3. Should the City partner in bringing back the Summer Beach Concert Series if there is an interested producer willing to organize them?
  4. Do you support establishing an Economic Development division or committee within our City that generates policies resulting in additional commerce, investment, and resources in Hermosa Beach?
  5. Do you support keeping the dining deck program permanently in Hermosa?
  6. Did you volunteer and work this year at Fiesta?
  7. How about both Fiestas? (meaning Memorial Day before you knew you were running)
  8. Bonus, how about donated, sponsored or financially contributed to a Chamber-funded event or effort this year?
  9. The Chamber has many nonprofit members, have you served on a Hermosa-based nonprofit board or advisory group?
  10. Do you believe encouraging a work/live lifestyle in our pedestrian-oriented downtown will increase vibrancy?
  11. The City lawn where the Christmas tree lot and Art Festival occur is a great space for events. Do you support activating our Community Center lawn with year-round activities and placemaking opportunities?
  12. Will you be volunteering for the upcoming Hermosa for the Holidays festival Nov 18-20, which occurs after this election?
  13. Do you support 4 weeks of free parking in the downtown area during the holiday season—Thanksgiving to Christmas?

ROUND TWO: Timed Answers

  1. What strategies or ideas do you have to bring commerce and additional revenue to our downtown AND non-downtown businesses?
  2. On the campaign trail you’ve probably had a lot of conversations with business owners. What’s the best idea you’ve heard from a business that you’d like to see implemented if elected?
  3. Our city is currently conducting a Comprehensive Zoning Code Update that has the potential to affect the next 20+ years. What changes do you see in our Business District over the next 5, 10, 20 years, and how would you specifically change zoning in our commercial zones to meet the future?
  4. If elected, what specific actions would you take to bring our community together to address and help homelessness in Hermosa?
  5. If the 10.25% sales tax passes, what top 3 priorities would you use the additional revenue on and why?
  6. The term “business-friendly” is used a lot in conversations about our City, but we believe that everyone’s definition is different. How do YOU define “business-friendly?” 

ROUND THREE: Lightning Questions

  1. What was the last Hermosa business you patronized and when?
  2. What’s your favorite dish in Hermosa?
  3. Do you believe our need for parking will increase or decrease 10 years from now?
  4. What is your favorite local tradition (event or activity)?
  5. Now, pull up that Council-approved Economic Development Strategy in your head. Which item is your favorite and why?
  6. Which item is your least favorite?
  7. Without using the word “transparency” or “business-friendly,” in three words, why do you believe you are the better candidate compared to others for our City Council?
  8. If you could pick one person on this panel to serve on Council with you, who would you pick?



Hermosa Beach registered voters will be filling three available seats for Council.

Dean Francois

Dean Francois

Retired Budget Director


Dan Godwin

Manager/Military Officer


Rita Gerace


Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 9.27.57 AM

Kieran Harrington

Hospitality Executive

Mayor Ray Jackson

Raymond Jackson

Retired Colonel, Army

Matt McCool (3)

Matt McCool

Business Operations Consultant

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 9.15.20 AM

Jeff Raedy

Aerospace Engineer


Rob Saeman

City of Hermosa Beach Planning Commission

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